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COVID-19 Update and Precautions

Our position

Yes, we are trading and taking bookings at this stage, as we operate under the essential services category of freight, logistics and home delivery. We will continue operating, with appropriate modifications to the service, until instructed otherwise by the relevant authorities

The COVID-19 pandemic is a serious threat to public health, and we’re proceeding with caution. We trust you, that you will support us in these efforts and we really appreciate your understanding during this time.


Steps we’re taking to reduce the risk of transmission

Completed Covid-19 Infection Control Training Course :-

We completed Australian Government Health Department’s Infection control training Course and only those team members are allowed to work with us who completed and received their certification.

Sanitized Trucks & Staff :-

All trucks have hand-sanitizers and disinfectant sprays on-board. This will be used by our Truckers and on all moving equipment before and during every move.

Isolated Teams :-

Staff have been grouped into isolated teams within which they will work exclusively until further notice to help contain any spread of infection should it occur. No staff member presenting any cold- or flu-like symptom will be permitted to work. All staff has been briefed on proper procedures to follow in the event of feeling unwell.

No Meetings and gatherings :-

All meetings, training sessions and staff gathering have been cancelled until further notice. Social distancing policies apply onsite and team members have been encouraged to socially distance from one another outside of work until further notice.

What we need from you

No Handshakes :-

There will be no hand-to-hand contact between staff and our clients. (i.e. hand shaking and/or high fiving)

Note on assisting our movers :-

Under normal circumstances, we allow customers to assist with the handling of items to speed up the moving process. This is not an option at the current time. You will also not be permitted to ride in our truck

Clean and prepared property and goods :-

Please clean all high-touch areas, such as door handles and doorknobs, with disinfectant or soap before the movers arrive. Please wipe down hard surfaces on your furniture items using disinfectant.

Isolate yourself :-

Arrange to be offsite while the movers work, or isolated in another room, with the door closed. Talk to the movers over the phone, not in person, if you have additional instructions while they’re working.

Only one-person presence :-

For everyone’s safety, we prefer maximum one person present during your move. Please make sure to keep a considerate distance (at least 2 metres) from our staff to keep everyone safe.

Instructions for access to each property :-

If you’re going to be home, let us know you’re leaving the door open. If you’re not, leave a key out for us. Make sure we’re aware of the access instructions before the move day

Labels on all items :-

When possible attach instructions to your items so the movers know where to put them at the drop-off address.

We reserve the right to leave any job :-

Where our movers feel at risk, as this is a public health issue.


Please tell us!

1. If anyone living in the properties has recently been overseas, or is in self-isolation for any reason.

2. If you are ill or have any flu- like symptoms. If so, we will ask you to rebook for another time, or provide someone else to give us access and facilitate the move

3. If you’re over 70. We’ll ask you to have a friend or family member oversee the move, and that you make arrangements not to be present. If this can’t be arranged, we need to discuss your options further, prior to the move

Lastly, We reserve the right to leave any job where our movers feel at risk, as this is a public health issue.

We thank you for your help during this time and look forward to moving you. For upto-date COVID-19 news- please Click Here