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House Removalists


  • Always use professional Packing material for everyone’s safety and easy move. May be you need to pick up some supplies like Picture Cartons, some Big size boxes and few Medium size boxes and lots of Small boxes, Packing tapes, Bubble wraps, Shrink Wraps, Scissors and Markers etc.
  • Always put heavy items in small boxes & Label them clearly
  • Linens and light cloths may be left in the drawers
  • For heavy Lifting items or large cabinets, all drawers should be emptied so loose items can’t fall or lost
  • Expensive Fragile items should be marked Clearly so Movers know and will take care of them
  • Glass items or fragile items should be packed with bubble wraps and old newspapers in boxes and marked clearly
  • Paintings or Mirrors should be packed or wrapped properly in picture cartons. Always make sure each carton has proper filling at the top and bottom to prevent pressure while loading/unloading
  • Always remember, don’t pack Explosives, Aerosols or Flammable items because movers are not allowed to carry/move these items. Its always wise to move these items by yourself
  • Always fill all boxed to the top otherwise half filled boxes are tend to break/crash
  • Always tape cartons from top to bottom of the boxes so its not going to open while move.
  • Always label clearly and at-least two sides of the boxes so movers can identify them easily and put them in right place or room when Loading/Unloading
  • (Such as: – Kitchen items goes to Kitchen directly)

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