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Piano is a heavy furniture item, and a removals job can never be taken lightly. You need proper planning and patience to make a successful move. I have listed some of the points which will make your move little bit easier.

  • Clear the doorways and driveways, so there is no hindrance or trip overs along the way.
  • If there are kids in the house, they should not be running around. Arrange a baby sitter for them to avoid any unwanted injury.
  • Pets should be locked up in a room, to avoid trip overs and injury to animals.
  • Arrange or buy a piano trolley, its a low size with PlasticTyres and strong to handle in excess of 400 kilos.
  • In case of Timber flooring, use protective sheets / blankets before you start rolling the piano trolley, as a heavy furniture can damage timber flooring or leave marks.
  • Measure the doors ways before loading the planning and make sure it can pass through the doors with at least 2 inch clearance.
  • Piano is easily affected by weather and humidity, it is advisable to check the weather report before planning a piano move.
  • Remove any loose piano covers, as they can rattle and fall apart in transit.
  • Transit Van or Removals truck should have hydrolic lifts or tail gates to lift the piano painlessly.
  • Wrap the piano with blankets , towels or protective sheets so the polished surface of the piano does not get scratched.
  • Assess you navigation route, so there are no extra bumps on the road, as precision mechanism of a piano can get easily damaged with bumps and resonance from rough roads.
  • In-case there are stairs involved in the move, it is most advisable to consult a piano removalist for the job, removalists have special ramps which assist them moving a piano smoothly over the stairs.

Good luck with your piano move and do not forget to contact the pros at Melbourne CBD Removals if you need any more assistance.

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