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Pool Table Removals

Moving Pool Table is not an easy job. It is a hard as well as a delicate operation, which can be very dangerous if an untrained person tries to handle the move. Generally, people face immense problem while moving big and expensive items or pieces of furniture. Many even face ill-luck and either hurt or damage the furniture. Our experienced removalist team has built up an outstanding reputation for providing an exceptional Pool Table transportation service at competitive prices. Our team has specialization as the top pool table removals in Melbourne.

Professional Pool Table Removals Melbourne

Our crew is specialized in moving heavy and delicate items, for local families, institutions, and professionals with proper equipment and knowledge. We understand that Pool tables are heavy that’s why we use special equipment’s and vehicles for your peace of mind and to ensure the safety of your precious belongings. Moving Pool Table is not an easy job. It is a hard as well as a delicate operation, which can be very dangerous if an untrained person tries to handle the move.

Licensed and Insured Pool Table Movers in Melbourne

Pool tables are indeed an expensive possession. So, while moving from one place to another, the safety and security of the item is always a primary concern for homeowners. However, when you hire licensed and insured pool table movers in Melbourne, your worries and concerns are cut to zero.

We understand the criticality of moving heavy, immaculate and expensive pool/ billiards table. Also, we have an insurance to ensure any untoward situation can be covered completely. As reliable billiard table movers, we haven’t used our insurance till date and hope not to use them in the future as well.

Affordable Cost to Move a Pool Table

If you are searching for the cost to move a pool table, you will get a variety of choices. However, not all of these choices deliver you the best value for whatever price they charge. At CBD Removals, we are different. We claim ourselves as the most affordable pool table moving services providers in the entire Melbourne. Our all services are available at a very reasonable price and deliver value worth appreciation.

Billiard Table Removals That Deliver Perfection:

If you searching for the best Billiard Table Removalists Melbourne, you must check a few qualities before hiring one. At CBD Removals, we possess all those qualities that make us the one and only choice for billiard table removals services.

  • Equipment:

We have the heavy and robust machinery to move your billiards table from one level to another. We also use special equipment to move it along the surfaces. All through this time, we ensure there is no damage to the table as well as the surfaces of the house or building.

  • Techniques:

Being experienced billiard table movers, we also know a variety of techniques to make this cumbersome job easy.

  • Time-bound pool table movers services:

We are known for offering quick turnaround time and time-bound delivery in all pool table removal tasks.

  • Professional:

We respect the limits of professionalism and ensure you enjoy the most formal services. However, this does not restrict us from going beyond the call of duty and deliver you additional care and protection in any project.

Our pool table movers services include, but are not limited to:

  • Pool table removals
  • Move From Residence to Residence
  • From Shop to Residence move
  • From Residential to storage move
  • Move for Repair in and out.

Why Melbourne CBD Removals?

If you are looking for a professional pool table removalist, you are at the right place. We are a professional team of highly proficient pool table movers in Melbourne as we adopt the latest methods of packing and moving. We are one of the front line removalists, which holds a track record in offering efficient pool table moving solutions for local residents across Melbourne.

There are many things to consider and plans to make prior to a successful move. There are many ideas which may work and which might not work while moving big items like pool tables. To successfully deliver a big piece of furniture to its destination, one has to think about protecting the expensive piece and the property, both.

 Reasons to Choose Us as Your Pool Table Removalist

  • We have the reputation for providing the best Pool table moving services at very affordable prices and our Pool table prices are very reasonable and starts from $180 around Melbourne Metropolitan Area
  • Our crew of pool table removalists has seen almost all types of complicated items, and we have always found a way out and make sure everything is moved securely and safely.
  • Generally, we dismantle larger tables as much as possible for easy transportation. We dismantle and re-assemble according to individual needs.
  • Melbourne CBD Removals cover big items with blankets, pads, and shrink-wrap and use padded trolleys and flat dollies for shifting process.
  • We secure all heavy items with mover’s ties even inside the truck so it will be safe for transit and transportation.


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