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House Removalists


  • Some rolls of Toilet paper, possibly there will be none at your new home
  • All medications you need, specially Aspirin or Panadol in case of headache
  • First Aid kit in case you need it
  • Money, jewellery, Mobile phones with charger, Personal papers etc.
  • A good Swiss knife for opening boxes
  • Power board for some essential appliances (e.g.:- toaster, hot water kettle, phone charger etc)
  • Bin liners in case you need to put some rubbish
  • Bottle of drinking water and some snacks
  • Pen and Paper or Diary to write notes and important addresses and contact numbers
  • A good Torch, in case the power is not connected or you don’t find light everywhere, specially in toilet area
  • Paper Towels and a good all purpose cleaner incase you need to clean anything.

Want to know how many hours your move will take?