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Terms & Conditions



In these conditions “We” means “DC Victoria Pty Ltd”, Trading in Victoria as “Melbourne CBD Removals.” ABN- 696 045 743 61 and “US” and “OUR” have corresponding meanings;


2.1 No job too small – Only ½ hour minimum! Our prices are simple and we only charge Half hour rates Plus Half hour Travel, with No minimum Hours for all local moves.

2.2 We don’t charge extra upto 20 kms from Melbourne CBD Area (Return Travel time or fuel costs will be charged if its more than above mentioned distance)

2.3 After the 30min. The Second Half Hour Starts (31mins to 60mins), and so on respectively. Your move is charged based on the (total ½ hours) + (½ hour Travel Time for us) + (Any additional costs such as Return Travel Time for long distance Moves), Please Note: – For Large Trucks we charge minimum of 2 hours + any additional costs.

2.4 All jobs are prepaid after 5:00 pm.

2.5 Additional $20 Per person, Per hour charges apply for late hours work after 5:00 pm.

2.6 Stair Charges- One Flight Of Stairs: – upto 10 Steps free. $10 Per Person, Per Stair-Flight after.

2.7 Toll Charges- There will be extra charge for toll roads (City-link / Monash-link / East-link) and customers will be charged accordingly.


3.1 Collection of job payment- We collect payments before finishing the job. Your goods may not be released until the payment is fully cleared.

3.2 Payment Method- We take Cash, Visa, MasterCard or American Express at the job completion. (Upto 2.2% Surcharge for all Card payments)

3.3 Overdue payments- Incase of non-payments, Debt-Collection procedures will be followed. The Customer will be liable to pay all Additional Amounts Charged by the Debt Collection Agency.

3.4 Lien On Goods Until Payment Is Received- All goods being moved or stored shall be subject to a general lien for any outstanding money owed by you. Should circumstances arise that make it reasonable to conclude that you are unwilling or unable to pay any due charges in the required form or at the required place or time, We reserve the right to retain or refuse delivery of any Goods. Where payment is not received within 28 days, we reserve the right to dispose of the Goods in lieu of payment.


4.1 Parking:- We will park anywhere safe you ask us to do, except clearways. Any Parking-Fees we pay or Fines we receive during your move will be added to your bill. It is always better to arrange parking permit where required.

4.2 To inform us about the awkward access: – Awkward access can include: – narrow stair flights, no parking available, long walking distance from parked truck, incorrect addresses etc. We reserve the right to add extra costs due to unforeseen circumstances and we can also refuse to take items if it is not safe to do so. It is customer’s responsibility to ensure that items will fit in the new premises (e.g.: Size of Sofa or Big Fridge).

4.3 Large and Heavy Items: – We don’t move large and heavy items such as Pool Tables, Piano or Big Heavy Fridge from Stairs/Steps. If you request us to do so we might refuse or if we do so then we are not liable for any damage.

4.4 Arranging Forklift: – For Heavy Commercial and Industrial Machines. It is customer’s responsibility to arrange a forklift.

4.5 Arrange a Specialist : – Our crew will not be insured and trained to remove Doors or Windows, Whitegoods Connections, Property fitments or fittings and will be forced to leave the items unless you arrange something else such as plumber or electrician.

4.6 Dismantling and Re-assembly: – Part of removal services may require dismantling of goods and re-assembling. At your request we may do so but accept no responsibility for any damage or any loss resulting. Please Note: – We only carry basic toolkit and a power drill. If you require any special tool for dismantling purposes, it’s your responsibility to arrange that tool prior to our arrival.


We will cover any physical damage caused by dropping, mis-handling or inadequately securing of item by us, except in the following circumstances: –

5.1 Damage to Goods – Packaging: – If the Goods sustain damage due to defective or inadequate packing or unpacking, which was not undertaken by us or our sub-contractors, we will not be liable.

5.2 Damage to Goods- Inherent Risk: – All glass items and Stones, including Marble and Granite or similar items such as Plants and Pots. We will take these items only if they can be safely moved, however we do not cover these items under our guarantee due to their inherent fragility.

5.3 Wear and Tear of Certain Goods: – Scratches on white goods including but not limit to Electronics, Fridge, Washing Machine or Dryer while moving, T.V without Box, Computer Equipment’s, Photocopiers, Scientific instruments, Musical Instruments not in hard cases are inherently susceptible to suffer damage or disorder while being moved. No matter how carefully they are handled. We will not be liable if they are not in their original packaging or appropriate box suitable for transport.

5.4 Furniture Designed to be Flat-Packed: – Furniture made of press wood and designed to be flat packed such as IKEA, Fantastic furniture or similar. These items are inherently susceptible to suffer damage or disorder. We are not liable if those items are not flat-packed.

5.5 Moving goods under your instructions: – If we cause damage as a result of moving goods under your instructions, against our advice, we shall not be liable. You are welcome to assist us while moving, but we take no responsibility and no guarantee or insurance applies.

5.6 Bad Weather:- We reserve the right at our sole discretion to cancel any work where adverse weather Conditions apply. We will not be responsible for any damage to goods if you still wish to continue.


We only supply Public Liability and Transit Insurance. If you think your belongings are more valuable then please arrange an itemised insurance cover for your move from your choice of insurer (Please check Insurance page for details)

Must report any damage before completion – It is customer’s responsibility to report any and all damage to the driver before they leave the delivery point, otherwise there is no way to verify the claim that the damage in dispute was caused by Melbourne CBD Removals. You must examine all the Goods on delivery and note any items (including walls, floors, driveway, fittings etc.), which may be subject to a claim. Any damage, which you considered to have been caused by us, must be listed on the front of Job-Sheet document. No claims will be accepted for any damage discovered after we have left the move.


By agreeing to undertake the removal services we incur costs in preparing for it and may also lose the opportunity to undertake further work that would use the same resources. This policy is to cover those losses: –

7.1 Cancellation 7 days before Job: – No cancellation fee.

7.2 Cancellation less than 7 days: – We charge 1 Hour of Minimum as Per Booked Price plus any additional costs to prepare for your job.

7.3 Changes within 48 Hrs.: – We charge 1 Hour of Minimum as Per Booked Price plus any additional costs.

Please note: – Any Cancellations or Changes must be notified in writing.

8. Governance

The law, which governs this agreement, will be the law of the State of Victoria.

Kind regards
Melbourne CBD Removals